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TouchMyStaff Rating
I love the calm expressions this artist creates. There's a human atmosphere that so many others fail to capture, especially when it comes to the more intimate scenes. Characters aren't in tears and practically screaming in bed, nor are the characters written as "big masculine dominates small meek boy". They are adults. They are reserved and use their hands, and they communicate (within the limitations of drama and character personality of course). Eyes express more than words! That sets a very mature tone that I've been searching for. Looking forward to seeing how it goes!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG the art is gorgeous!!! Both men are so intriguing. Hagiwara is slightly older and slightly jaded. He just for the life of him can't figure out why Yuto is so adamant to continue their one night stand. Very little is known about either one of them, yet we get more insight into Hagiwara since it's been his POV so far 2 chapters in. I'm hoping we get Yuto's POV as well. I really like this slow development but still get the steaminess of their attraction to one another. More please!!!
exobubz Rating
The artwork is amazing and the short story was really good. It has everything I like to read, including a main character that's a bit tsundere lol... Overall, a good read. Please support the author/artist!
mizore Rating
On chapter twoI bought the raw too on renta so I'm looking forward to understand the dialogue
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Love the story and both guys are stunning! The artwork is fantastic. Definitely a must buy.
Opormore Rating
Truly awesome!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!
artbeans Rating
Looove the art, the author, the story!!!!
whelve20 Rating
This is the cutest and loveliest relationship I've ever seen awww >\\\< and the story is so gooood!!!
nu99 Rating
God damn, so tender.??
vanlee84 Rating
I hope this mangaka continues to draw beautiful stories. I absolutely love the art, the eyes are just too pretty, is a simple story well told. More please!!!
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