User Reviews For: My Neighbor, Miri Yoshida [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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GregorIAN Rating
Tons of smut - playboy domesticated into jealous boyfriend, and somehow, the kid steals every scene he is in - I really wanted them to do a flash forward to what Shigeru gets up to when he's older (esp with his little gang).
Crookshanks25 Rating
Although the premise isn't anything new, it drew me in because I love single dads being courted by hot young men. That's the only good thing about this story unfortunately. My biggest complaint is that the main characters have no chemistry with each other. I love stories with lots of smut but it doesn't matter if there's no chemistry. My second biggest complaint is how often they perform sexual acts in front of the three year old boy. I don't care if you do it on the couch or bathroom, but not when your son is literally in your arms. Save that for when the boy is at his grandma's house. Honestly, I think this story would have worked better as a straight couple. At least the Seme's anger when the uke met with his guy friends would have made sense. And the fact the uke had boobs would have made sense too. Seriously, why did he need boobs? This is supposed to be yaoi! Overall, I'm glad I only rented it for 48 hours.
sophanzo Rating
Amazing!!!! Stellar art that is second only to the story and plenty of (smutty <3) times make me one happy fujoshi!! Add to that a happy story bursting with fluff and I truly couldn't be more impressed. Just. Wow.
Skaenund Rating
Silly, plotless, and pervvy. With the bonus of an adorable delinquent toddler defending his parent's body.
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