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aliceanimelover Rating
It was actually really nice. It had all the tropes in it along with the stereotypes, but it wasn't completely cliche. I actually wish the author would go deeper into showing how the seme fell for the uke, but that's fine. I didn't like how the uke guilt tripped himself into falling for the seme though. I did, however, absolutely love the bluntness of the seme. He went straight to telling the uke the truth after just one day of being together and his honesty impressed me. I also absolutely love how the uke embraces his position even though he questioned it at first. He's not constantly throwing the annoying "no means yes/more" cliche and that's something I wish more authors would considered over the "but I'm a straight man, not a woman" to explain sex positions. Thank you for the good work, author!
0hRa30h Rating
Sweet & fluffy all throughout. It was a wholesome, rom-com of sorts. It was a good read from start to finish.
ohredjay Rating
I can't say enough how refreshing this one was if only because of little interactions between the two that feel extremely lived-in and real. Laying down and facing each other with one's knee on the hip/thigh of the other, laying backwards across the other sitting cross-cross... There were little moments drawn that don't always get depicted in other manga. Plus, Haru asks for consent pretty consistently, and they both communicate in a really wholesome manner.
HorseObsessed Rating
I have to agree with a previous reviewer about Haru's reason for loving Taishi, it is very lacking, which is very disappointing. This is a very cute story. I Love the chemistry between Taishi & Haru. The artwork is great, as well. I would still get this one on the 48 hr. Rental though. The reason for the 3 star rating is because of Haru's reason for why he's in love with Taishi.
Daekin Rating
I absolutely loved this one. I laughed, I squeed, I failed, it was awesome.
Blluevaz Rating
Thots was really good! A sweet, funny, but slightly mature highschool romance. Likable and relatable characters within a fairly predictable plot, but it's still interesting all the way through. You're getting 5 chapters and a bonus in the purchase :)
JJ728 Rating
This was a cute fluffy story with some steam :3 A wolf and a clueless lamb come together in this well done storyline. The art is great and not cluttered too.
Texlovy17 Rating
Lillyputt Rating
Loved it! It's cute, fluffy, funny, and was just such a happy read!
LMonster2 Rating
Great storyline that will keep you laughing and grinning.
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