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garnetCROW Rating
OMG! Re-read this a couple times but finally saw the hidden "Easter egg" in final chapter. The name of the college... so priceless... It can be seen on the front and side of the bus Yamato gets on. (I love finding weird hidden things like this or bad drawing mistakes that get past the editors. Found 4 titles so far with stuff like that. Can't wait to find more hard-to-find gems!)
Bigsmilezrina Rating
This was actually pretty cute and sweet?? I never read/seen a seme like this like he had cute emotions while being cool. I honestly thought he'll be a jerk jerk but not reallly... lolI wish there was more smut but it was still really hot.This gotta be one of my faves. Beautiful art. Sweet story. Amazing character development in 5chps. The smut hurhur.. i recommend thiss
kurome Rating
Not into playboys, even though the title says playmate haha.. I'm just here for the pure uke. Just read 2 chapters and I hope the seme gets jelly for the uke at one point.
Daekin Rating
I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did. I don't usually like things with exhibitionism, but I just love the characters so much I wish there were more!
LMonster2 Rating
I love how exciting and thrilling this series is. It is so fun to see the development of the characters. And come on it is hot!
amator Rating
Why... My heart hurts... It's pretty cute, fast pace but cute.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I need more!! I LOVE this!!! They are the cutest together!!!
elucia Rating
Ch1 review... Pls give me more!!!!
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