User Reviews For: Selected to Serve in the Red-Light District


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kimmyraven01 Rating
Not bad for the first chapter. Can't wait for the next story??
kurome Rating
Whew! This is hot. An obsessive seme and an uke who's being reeled by him. The sex scenes are pretty erotic.. I claim this as one of my faves
theakaneko Rating
I felt like the title is a bit misleading since the couple involved is totally together pretty much from the start. Yes, it involves hosts, but not ones who sleep with everyone. The last few volumes are about a different couple at the same place, and that shift is odd, but generally fun and steamy and a good read.
bgasz Rating
The chapters feel short and the concept is nothing new but it is very steamy and a fun quick read for the first few chapters. The main character is super gullible, a real himbo, and ignores like 7 different red flags from the basically yandere love interest. The 2 most recent chapters are another couple's story (that cuts in before the main story is wrapped up????) and it's basically the same thing as the main storyline? Gullible straight man and a conniving love interest who tricks him. The only real draw this story has for me is that I simp for the yandere ceo.
Lulu1112 Rating
This series is my guilty pleasure. Ridiculously smutty and definitely did not start out consensual...Yuto is a very obsessive seme with a very pretty aesthetic and Takuya is a really cute, slightly dumb, but still somewhat self-aware uke. He definitely knows Yuto's a bit off and seems to realize their current relationship can't go on as it is. Seems like he's striving for a healthy relationship. Takuya is the best.
Gakuenalice1 Rating
Not the best but not the worst. I recommend if your looking for something hot and heavy with a basic gay guy "turns" straight guy plot.
Dania99 Rating
I like the obsessed stalker seme and it has good art and smut.
NoLooky Rating
Great back story! I'll get the rest
Mcruz63 Rating
Honestly a really cliche bl storyline of straight man falling for another man but I still really enjoyed reading it.
iiToxicK Rating
Super steamy so far. I have hopes for this. #takemymoney!
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