User Reviews For: Selected to Serve in the Red-Light District


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kimmyraven01 Rating
Not bad for the first chapter. Can't wait for the next story??
kurome Rating
Whew! This is hot. An obsessive seme and an uke who's being reeled by him. The sex scenes are pretty erotic.. I claim this as one of my faves
Dania99 Rating
I like the obsessed stalker seme and it has good art and smut.
Gakuenalice1 Rating
Not the best but not the worst. I recommend if your looking for something hot and heavy with a basic gay guy "turns" straight guy plot.
Vocalilou Rating
I need more of this ! I think that it need a little more of love in this story. But it goods and the art is very beautiful !
NoLooky Rating
Great back story! I'll get the rest
Seranwrap99 Rating
Sooo good!! If you're looking for lots of hot and steamy scenes this story is well worth your time!
AinoKusabi Rating
You know what it's all about, and the art is nice too. Ha ha ha!
Lulu1112 Rating
This series is my guilty pleasure. Ridiculously smutty and definitely did not start out consensual...Yuto is a very obsessive seme with a very pretty aesthetic and Takuya is a really cute, slightly dumb, but still somewhat self-aware uke. He definitely knows Yuto's a bit off and seems to realize their current relationship can't go on as it is. Seems like he's striving for a healthy relationship. Takuya is the best.
Buchiyudemao Rating
I Really enjoyed it
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