User Reviews For: Before I Knew It, We Were Kissing -The Famous Actor Next Door and Our Secret Relationship-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm not sure what to expect. If there's going to be a sea of love rivals getting in their way or just a lot of unnecessary drama because he's a superstar and she's a normie, but I like both Jun and Izumi a lot already. He doesn't seem to be the typical player hotshot and she's not totally wishy washy. Arts so pretty omg!! Pacing is good. Love scenes are very good. And I'm going to root for them.
Gfys Rating
Total consent, girl who is actually into it right off the bat, nice art, it's a yee from me!
Bub274 Rating
It's nice and refreshing to see a female character that is willing to ask for things during the sex scenes and not just be passive or seeming uncomfortable the whole time.
peichi Rating
These two are too cute! It's a nice realistic development of a relationship. ML and FL are neighbors who hit it off when they find out they both like drinking. They drink together in his apartment and it goes as you would expect with two people who are clearly very attracted to each other. The consent is great. ML repeatedly reaffirms consent and is very sweet to her. FL acts like the adult woman she is and is just as enthusiastic during sex as he is. Even after she has sobered up she is not afraid to admit that she enjoyed it. Can't wait for more, though I hope him being a famous actor doesn't cause too much drama. I don't think it will because so far even though both are shy and awkward, they have great communication.
boarhandles Rating
I really love this! It seems kinda frivolous starting out, but I like how honest and sensible the characters are, and there aren't any dumb tropes in the plot. The basic story is that the MC's are in a casual relationship but fall in love and are trying to navigate that transition. The male lead owns up to his own feelings and is refreshingly accountable for moving the relationship forward. Also, the sex scenes are A MA ZINGGG. Not too much censoring and really nice progression. Really interested to see how the plot moves along!
cohen5483 Rating
Read the first 3 chapters and probably gonna call it quits because they were almost exactly the same. Let's do it at your place, then my place and then a hotel. 60%+ pages of sex meanwhile the remaining is a split between actual story and their relationship (i.e. them talking to each other). I will say, though, this IS one of the few series where everything's 100% consensual, the FL is honest, enjoys it and acknowledges it (whereas with others, they're always dub/non-con or being dishonest) which is a rare find. I still can't get over how things started up in the first chapter though.. Really struggling with this one.
Jedirenagade Rating
Only on the first two chapters but there is a very “Netflix and chill” theme. But I like that the female MC is open about wanting to have sex and what she likes. I also like that the male MC doesn't try to make her feel uncomfortable at all. I'm excited to see what drama awaits!
andiekae Rating
I was a bit worried this story would turn out kinda bland, or be filled with the same plots as most idol/normie series, but it managed to subvert my expectations! The art is great, the story has heart without being too dramatic, and the main couple is sweet without being obnoxious. I also think it does a great job balancing actual plot with the smut scenes. Definitely a good read if you want a spicy story with some heart to it. <3
Mangarry Rating
(vol 2). I'm interested to see where this story will go. I like the MCs but there hasn't been much of a story yet. The MCs are very awkward and cute. Looking forward to the next vol.
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