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ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
Absolutely wonderful. Relationships are healthy, very open, fluffy, and full of great smut. It's everything you want in a Yaoi. Definitely not just a one time read.
Seregil Rating
Boys being wholesome idiots and a lot of steamy, steamy sex... What more could you want?! Add a generous dash of comedy in there, too. (Even the author commentary in vol 2 was pretty funny.) Guess it should be mentioned that both couples are very comfortable having sex in the same room despite the fact that the two tops are brothers, but honestly each pair gets completely lost in their own little world so it doesn't really detract from things. Did I hit perma-buy? For sure! I hope there's more volumes in the future!
DotDashington Rating
Cute smut with some exhibitionist flair. Some really sweet chemistry that really makes it a lovely ride!
sugarcoatedsin Rating
Very raunchy and smutty but the characters are all very cute and attractive. Do be aware that there's intimate moments between couples occurring in the presence of one of their siblings though!
ebookrenta0bmr29una Rating
It was really funny and hot! Ahah the way the author went with the flow of the story it's entertaining and leads you to feel a little bothered haaha really cute?
shionyoon Rating
Just as wonderful as part 1!! Amazing art and plot that's easy to follow. Definitely one of my favorite mangas on Renta.
ananana Rating
The story is so nice and fun. All of them are extremely cute and in this second volume Issei is just adorable!
0hRa30h Rating
All the characters in this series are adorable! Issei & Yusei are so chill and relaxed about who they really are, and supportive of each other too in a way. Hiro & Ryo are cute in their own quirky ways. If there's more addition to this series I'm definitely gonna read it! I kinda wanna know what happens to Hiro's bro too, that seems like an interesting story in the making too.
kanyewest Rating
it was such a sweet story and the smut scenes were top tier
andianime Rating
I cannot tell you how many times I've read volume 1, so when I saw there was a new volume 2, I bought it so fast!!! I love this series so much, the art is fantastic and the stories are always HOT!!! I love how we got to see more into Issei and Hiro's relationship in volume 2! I just love these two couples, and I always enjoy Yuo Yodogawa's works!!
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