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poppidim Rating
Chapter 1 review - this looks super promising! One dependable good guy, one blushy tsundere (who is secretly super rich maybe?!) and one adorable kitten. I can't wait to see where this goes! (Who wants to bet that the only reason tsundere dude always showed up to buy a drink during good guy's night shift was so he could talk to him? ;D)
ebookrenta0v917aal8 Rating
This was very cute, the story is nothing out of the ordinary but still a nice read. Their cat is so cute!!
Daekin Rating
I was not expecting this to be so cute. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much, but I loved it! No smut or anything, just sweetness.
Tantalusqual Rating
I really liked this manga. It's a very delicate and pure slow-burn and even features a black cat which is an instant win. The art style feels very unique which really adds to the charm.
mururin Rating
So soft, so cute, so fluffy! Oh my heart >.<
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh man it was so wholesome and adorable. I smiled like a loser every chapter. If you want romance and no smut, then I highly recommend this series. I want more!
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