User Reviews For: A Naughty Lunch Meeting -Let's Get Down to Business, Boss!-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love spunky heroines. Tamaki idolizes her company's president and has done everything in her power to work with him. But he doesn't have the time nor desire to teach her his ways. That is until he jokingly offers her the newly available position as his girlfriend. Well jokes on him!! She snatched that up with all her determination. And teaches him a thing or two as well. This is a battle of the wills amongst a playboy workaholic and a hardworking tactless woman. Let the games begin!!!
hempress Rating
I really appreciate this going the non conventional route - our FMC hasn't 'finished' during their encounters so far! definitely different from the usual fare we see, so I'm looking forward to more!
cheesecake Rating
Just finished the first chapter. I'm so pleasantly surprised. The female lead is unassuming but not innocent, she actually takes matters into her own hands and the male lead is demanding but not at all pushy. ALL consensual. I love it! Just hoping that the later chapters will be a bit steamier..
Boobsbutts69 Rating
It's seems like a male fantasy comedy doujin. But I don't like negging, or specifically in this case someone telling you to be more feminine because it will magically improve your life. I'll pass on this one.
Zeet Rating
This manga is so cute. I am liking it so far..
sidboo98 Rating
Really funny to read, loved how she has such a strong personality. I can't wait for more. I would definitely recommend to others to read.
Guest Rating
Looks promising ??
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