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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!!! This is so interesting. Toma is a trip with his one big secret and how far he'll go in order to possess something beautiful. But his mannequin prince isn't a breathing doll, but someone who's just rather awkward and has a hard time figuring out social cues. This first chapter leaves off on a pretty big cliffy, but maybe this turning point can lead Toma in the direction of redeeming himself in the eyes of a certain guy???
xisue Rating
I thought this would be a creepy but intriguing read.. but lol it actually becomes quite endearing and hilarious in the 2nd chapter? The tone is quite the opposite of the first.
Blluevaz Rating
Apparently it's only 2 chapters?! As some of the other reviews said, it starts off like "whao?!" And grips you with a well timed cliffhanger, then there's the quick resolution that was quite funny and the end had me laughing out loud and wanting to see that conversation be had. I really wish it was lo ger, since it did feel a smidge rushed and there's parts where the exposition gets in the way of enjoying the story.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Weird for sure, but oddly adorable and so funny. I loved the ending of Chapter 2, that was great haha.
jelliesworld Rating
I loved this! The dark aura surrounding Keiichi's Pygmalion complex really got me hooked from the start. It would have been interesting if this went down the psychological route but the comedic turn it took was just as enjoyable. A bummer that it's only 2 chapters long.
DannyCix Rating
I read it a while back in japanese and really liked the story so far. Now that I found it on English, I'm quite excited to read it again and understand better the story!
ebookrenta05a09n0dj Rating
I like it!
Stone Rating
Wow! I don't know what to say. It was great! I can't wait for more. At the end of the chapter I wanted to cry with the kid.
Yuzutea Rating
I like the story, but it progresses soooo fast I felt like I'm missing some pages.
shirutsune Rating
The main guy is pretty creepy ngl, but I'm interested to see how this goes.
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