User Reviews For: It's That Disgusting Guy Who Stole My Innocence [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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SaraN Rating
I couldn't quite round this up to 5 stars, but it was a cute collection of stories. The title story was filled with the awkwardness and brain damage of puberty lol. The other stories were shorter. One was about a couple who'd been together since high school still working out the kinks, and the other was about a divorcee and a catboy who needed a home. They were all funny with pretty art like the other book on Renta. I rented then bought.
Gakuenalice1 Rating
Really Sweet
spotteddawn Rating
This is not one story, it's the stories of a few couples within the same setting. I think they're all cute, but there are only a few explicit scenes. Not what I came for :P
SarcasticIrony Rating
The art of the title story isn't as good as the cover. It's def a romantic comedy with much to be desired. The second story is about an actor and his childhood fuck buddy getting their wires crossed. Both love each other, but don't really know the other likes each other. The third is much more interesting and should have been a full novel. Cats have a human body to them and are known to make their masters their slaves. Sex slaves. It's cute and funny. The other two stories have stories have much better art styles than the titular story for some reason???
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
Defiantly put a smile on my face. Three different couples and all of them were great if cats and collars are your thing. The main story was not what I expected and I totally loved it. Lots of sexy scenes.
EmTheHooligan Rating
The stories were cute and smutty, and I loved the humor and expressions. I do wish there was a little more conclusions to each story, but I still enjoyed them!
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