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aherr Rating
I already really enjoyed this first chapter and look forward to more of the story! I like female MCs that aren't always too eager to fall in love, which is the vibe I get from this girl. She loves food and I respect that. Plus, I prefer the men to chase, hehe. The male MC seems sensible if a bit terse but it's more fun seeing this type of personality fall in love, lol!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok at first I wasn't sure how to feel about this neighbor story. One's in the tv business and the other is a salesgirl. Their only connection is a shared wall and that they both know a famous tv cooking personality. I didn't wanna read about a mistress. But this story is so much more than bad choices. I like that Taira is getting upset on her behalf and wants her to find her confidence. Can't wait to see them grow and hopefully this womanizer gets his karma.
miruki Rating
Adorable love story about two people who couldn't think more differently about food. Loved it! Cute and fluffy, mixed with some serious matters (gaslighting & low self esteem). Delicious!
animepie Rating
A sweet story exploring the meanings of love and self-worth. Admittedly it also made me very hungry to read. The mains have a fun dynamic where they are supportive of each other. Her teacher is an absolute POS though and it was cathartic to see her gradually break free of him.
Tomato101 Rating
I love that the story is written in the male leads point of view. It has simple straightforward style, not overly dramatic. Highlight is the strong male and female leads that become even better when they finally breakout of their misconceptions of what real love is all about. I was quite surprised at how mature this story is, considering it's tagged as a shoujo. There's barely any drama here, and surprisingly not even a lot of 'obvious' romance, but love is definitely there in aces and spades. It's literally a story of love creeping up in between those neglected corners and blooming beautifully out of daily, mundane interactions between two people who never even considered love in the equation. There were a lot of negative elements with all the lead characters and their situations, but it was spun so well that it turned into a positive story. It deals with a lot of faults that we have as people. I really enjoyed this story, and I hope the author makes more in the future.
lacherrilola Rating
It's such a sweet read. I felt healed by it by the time I reached the end.
WolfySeraphim Rating
This story is so heart-warming! No smut but it shows how a bit of love and support truly can make a person bloom. Also the food looks amazing! Bit of a trigger warning for gaslighting and controlling behaviour. Happy wholesome ending though <3
SakuraDgreat Rating
A really heartwarming story as two people were trying to understand their feelings and their actions in life. Although food was probably not the main theme but it made the story relevant and easy to reflect. A condiment can be changed to soice up ones' life but the original taste and recipe will always be the same.
moonekon Rating
This is a great series about a girl who is an amazing cook and is in an unhealthy relationship and a boy who is apathetic about most things. I loved how the characters both grew and developed and how Taira (MMC) was really kind and supportive. The art was very cute as well. I wish this was longer as the story could be fleshed out a lot more and have so much depth. Very sweet story!
Bunny777 Rating
It's a cute story about first love; no smut.
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