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peichi Rating
An okay read once, but I don't have any desire to read it again, so it will be a rent only. Hard to say what is wrong with it, I think I just didn't feel the chemistry between the two leads. I liked that the FL could be a little naughty and teasing towards the ML, unusual in a love manga. And the ML was a bit of a jerk at first (he's a tsundere), but at least he kept things consensual, and I liked that he blushed a lot. The sex scenes were decent, but not particularly exciting. Overall though it just didn't click with me.
Bunnione Rating
Oh my I loved it. It is a bit pricey but well worth it for how much you get plus an extra on the end. Its sweet , a young couple ,young sweet love , reconnecting, romance ,smut, misunderstandings and a twist througout ,not much you can ask for. Lovely illustrations and flows beautifully.
Sighz Rating
Light plot that tries to have depth. Interesting characters. FL is a little 2 dimensional. Smut is frequent, and alright. Maybe a touch too vanilla for me. Overall a good read. I'm glad I read it once.
CieL Rating
Nice art! Nice sex! Perfect with Japan historical style theme (sword's smith). Well yeah I want to see them with their childreen. But stay in pair for a while's nice too, it means they got much time to playing, flirting, enjoy each other & making love together~ Glad to bought it!
spicewolf19 Rating
The art and the story plot overall wasn't horrible. However, the problem was there wasn't enough chemistry after the beginning to keep the reader interested in the main couple's romance. It becomes more forceful, and harder for the reader to conceptualize their romance. I get that the male lead has a tsundere character, however, at times I felt like he just cut the main female lead off completely out of dominance and not embarrassment or for whatever reason he couldn't understand her side of things, which really killed the mood. She was also very naive and had a very pure image which made their personalities together seem like water and oil, that is to say the two characters didn't mix well together. The art was beautiful and the beginning of the story really did draw me in as interested to see where their relationship went, I'm just sad the feeling of potential chemistry between them disappeared after their first formal meeting again.
Jeyjin Rating
It was ok. I liked the story in the beginning but it started to get boring towards the end. I'm being told that they're love is growing but I don't feel it.
yukiwookie Rating
Very cute newlywed/married couple story! I love both FL & ML, how they are so in love with each other. Just a simple love story but really hard to find good one as this. It's a bit expensive yes but I really enjoyed reading it and I don't mind reading it again and again. Beautiful art too
cohen5483 Rating
If I had to sum it up in one word, this story is wholesome. The ML was kind of prickly at first but is a total tsundere - these two are completely doting lovers - it's so cute. They always think of each other first. Although there were a number of misunderstandings, they don't last very long and get resolved relatively quickly. If I had to provide some constructive criticism, firstly - I'm not sure how the whole "swordsmith" theme comes into play and was hoping it would be better weaved through the story. For example, the FL is learning about it but it doesn't go anywhere beyond that. It would of probably done fine without it. Secondly, the ML has quite some backstory from his past, his family and up to the point he meets the FL but the FL has literally nothing. It's as if the story was developed w/ the ML then the FL was added in to complete said story. I wish the FL had more development or some kind of a backstory.
Dreamer75 Rating
This was a good read. The story moved at a good pace and wasn't rushed.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Surprisingly, since I'm a diehard BL fan, this ended up being probably one of my favorite “classic” type mangas. They were so cute, and oh man it could be so hilariously predictable. But it was done in a good way so it wasn't annoying, it just made me laugh. I thought their story was adorable and I really had wished that I could've seen their future with kids together. I think that would've been cute and actually fit the story. Overall, it was cute, sexy, funny, and pretty good.
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