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inuyasha Rating
I thought the description was interesting and I found the story to be even more so. I can't wait to see what is in store next. I hope everyone gives this series a try.
peichi Rating
I am sure a lot of others will love this manga, it just isn't for me. I don't like facial hair, but I bought this because the cover was so beautiful. The art is really gorgeous and top knotch inside as well. So much that despite the guy not being my type at all I found him very pretty and attractive. But once the guy took his clothes off I was instantly turned off. He is not just a buff as you would expect, but rather looks like a roided up body builder. I mean to each there own though, if you really like muscle Bara guys then you will likely love this. Both characters are likable, no issues with consent, story seems good so far and if I could look past the ML's build the smut would be hot.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yasssssss!!!!! I am in love. Umm what to say?? The art is gorgeous. Natsuki is not doing so well in the love department, like zero percent. But that all changes one night when an old man announces that the Fox spirit has taken a liking to her. Uh ok? Now lemme tell you Mr. Fox is indeed a fox. Wowza!!! Is his name Kafu?? He's divine!!! So jealous of Natsuki. Wanna know why it has to be Natsuki. Need some backstory and more of this man!!!!
EBRMakiya Rating
FREAKING FINALLY-- a story with a heroine who tells the guy what she wants and stays honest with it, instead of "resisting" and saying "you're wrong!" all the time. So far, definitely enjoying this story. Hope it continues its current trend!
Kas Rating
Art'a great, I like the characters, and omg finally a respectful ML!! He actually backs off when she said no and felt bad about it too!! Also he's so muscular and buff it's awesome. 10/10
Mapford77 Rating
While there are currently only three “chapters”, I can already tell that this will become a favorite of mine. I really like the protagonist, her reactions, and how she is not like other usual protagonists, she wants to have sex with his guy. I really enjoy it when the protagonists aren't pretending that they don't want or enjoy the attention of a man. NOW THE MAIN GUY IS SO HOT, and actually listens to her wishes. He clearly wants her, and allows her to set their pace. It's truly swoon worthy compared to some other stories where the guy just does whatever he wants despite the wishes of the girl. The art style is so so so good!! And, I can't wait for more of the story to develop in the next chapters!!
akazukin Rating
Premise is exactly as summary says! I have high expectations for this - the main guy is super hunky and manly (compared to most of the male counterparts) and the smut is hot so far for the first chapter!!! Super various to see what happens next and the backstory for this Fox God.
DevilKatt Rating
This is a good read, would recommend.
Bunnione Rating
Oh ho ho my oh my! YUPP! This is it. Honestly get you some of this! Lovely drawing, to be honest the guy is gorgeous and the girl is cute, scens for smut just a touch is hot. I can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you!!
Dnogitsune Rating
The author drew my type of guy. This story is so good, I have never spent money so fast on a manga. Now, I am impatiently waiting for the next update.
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