User Reviews For: This Reincarnated Cross-Dressing Princess Won't Be Looking for a Fiance


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pewpew Rating
An isekai story about a girl who gets stuck in a BL world, super awesome and curious where this is going to go. More isekai/reincarnation stories please!
chouchou Rating
super hot and unique. art is lush and intricate. the romance and intimacy are almost too much for a typical shoujo, I would classify this as a Love manga instead. otherwise, I wholeheartedly recommend this!
Vikia Rating
I'm so excited for this to be translated! I genuinely adore this work and for it to be picked up makes my heart so happy. 10/10 would recommend
wolfe Rating
Looks really interesting, art is beautiful now just waiting for an update
BunnyUsagi Rating
It's cute and touching … I just thought they might have a bit more romantic scene but at least it has a heartfelt ending
Saila Rating
Enjoyed it enough to rent, but not buy permanently. Endgame pairing is pretty obvious and the story isn't that deep, but it's a fun read.
0hRa30h Rating
I knew it was him right from the beginning. It had a few "heavy feels" moment here & there, but not enough to really move me. Now I'm interested to know what happens to her four potential suitors now that they know who they really are...
genona Rating
I love isekai and transmigration, and I love smut. How did I never come across a nice combo like this before?? Can't wait for more chapters to come out. This one is worth the full purchase so I can read it again later!
Jocewicz2020 Rating
Enjoyed it so much I stopped reading the free chapters and rented it
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