User Reviews For: Those Wonderfully Happy Unlucky Days


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zryRBvAs Rating
Very sweet. Nice art. Can't wait for second chapter.
Tantalusqual Rating
A very wholesome slow-burn. Feels a tiny bit rushed in the last chapter but still overall very nice. Gorgeous art, too.
poppidim Rating
This is adorable!! Adorable art, two adorable clumsy guys, an adorable ACCIDENTAL KISS - I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from there ;D
MioAkiyama Rating
it's so soft and cute i wish i could have more of them! Through all the ups and downs I really hope that I could see more sequels of them handling their accident prone incidents together!! Very adorable !
0hRa30h Rating
This was a cute, charming fluff story. Short, but it got the message across. It's a lighthearted story that's teeming with sweetness and awkwardness that just makes them both adorably perfect for each other!
ChiefBunta Rating
This is such a beautiful story. Very wholesome, sweet, and sincere. Totally wish it's longer. Art is beautiful and cute.
smokingstill Rating
It's sweet, liked it all around.
kurtsy Rating
The two main protag is unlucky in their own way XD the story is super cute! I'm looking forward for the next chapters
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