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dirtyangeltoes Rating
Before renting this manga, I read the reviews mentioning non-con and decided to give it a shot as I assumed it would only happen once/that I could skip it... Boy, was I wrong. This manga didn't have non-con just once, but instead multiple times throughout the story. It even happened multiple times between the main alpha/omega couple, which completely turned me off to their relationship. While I did think the art work was good, it wasn't enough to redeem the manga for me personally. Besides the non-con, I personally felt the story itself fell flat and was extremely cliché. I didn't feel any chemistry between the two main characters beyond 'He's a hot alpha pretending to be my boyfriend, and I'm an omega going into heat... let's diddle & then miraculously fall in love despite knowing NOTHING about each other'. It felt VERY rushed.That being said, the manga isn't absolutely HORRIBLE. It's just not my personal tastes, and I wanted to warn others of just how much non-con it actually has.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Ok, not sure why the comments about whole thing being non-con because there is LITERALLY only one scene and it is there as a critical part of the storyline. It was your typical Omegaverse story, but with a different angle. It kind of reminded me of "Love Is An Illusion", but serious. It is still lighthearted in places though. I think the ending was just the greatest too.
Stone Rating
Loved it! It has so many twist and turns! And I was surprised about the female alpha. You don't see that in these omegaverse. It was a roller coaster! So many feels! I would love a book 2! Highly recommend!!!
mythgarnet Rating
I was very impressed with this!! This story has great characters (Kanata especially), and it manages to be sexy, cute, sad, heartbreaking, wholesome, endearing and funny all at the same time. I rented and had to upgrade to have it in my collection.Warning, it does have non-con at one point, but thankfully not by the main couple and its repercussions are dealt with in a serious way.
Loserfairy Rating
A delight! A wonderfully engrossing story that really utilized the omegaverse theme to its advantage. Like others have noted, there is some noncon that can be quite triggering, and even a little dubcon that is typical for Yaoi manga, but the story absolutely makes up for it. A fantastic addition to my collection.
Hurancy Rating
Cute and wholesome read, but with a non-con trigger warning for the middle bit of the story.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I was slightly bored with this honestly. I purchased this after just finishing this mangaka's other work on this site that I'm loving big time and can't wait for more updates so I jumped on this because I like their art style and I love omegaverse. But I could not for the life of me like either character. Shoma is not my favorite type of character. He's too weak? Harsh I know but he annoyed me. And Kanata was slightly better. Personally I think think both are more likable at the end and I loved their family dynamic- super cute. It wasn't for me- too messy and too dramatic for the most part but I still enjoyed it because the ending saved it for me
Unicorn Rating
I generally hate omegaverse type books but this was amazing
beitfamily Rating
iconic. amazing. showstopping. the absolute pinnacle of omegaverse bl. everything you could ever ask for. i dont want to be silly but i think ive read this 7000000000 times
yeceniac Rating
This here is a MUST READ!!! The seme is GREAT! He is everything you could wish for in a partner XD I LOVE stories about WORKING ADULTS so this is perfect for those who prefer to read about adults rather than students.....AND its OMEGAVERSE XD What else can you ask for? Nothing!! There are some triggers that might upset a few but the story is amazing and the ending is beautiful!! <3
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