User Reviews For: Moody Mr. Photogenic


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Seranwrap99 Rating
I need more!!!! Please update soon!
0hRa30h Rating
That was dedication! He courted him for 3 years and reaped the benefits. It was cute and sweet at the same time. And his friend was really a very understanding & supportive guy. This was an enjoyable read.
SadAsian Rating
Good art. I love how he's just trying his best to make the nurse look his way. Who's this rude man that keeps getting in the way? I need more!
Daekin Rating
This was absolutely adorable! Found myself grinning just as much as Kohei through the whole thing. Definitely recommend!
bb842 Rating
I loved this! Kohei is so cheerful and committed! Really glad I bought this.
ElfenDeity Rating
A very cute and light read. Hopefully, there will be a spinoff for his best friend and the math teacher. They would be cute
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