User Reviews For: Hey, Boss! That Big Thing Is Against the Rules. -Connecting Bodies with a 15-Inch Height Difference-


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TVKat Rating
Gotta love that lightsaber peen and if vanilla is your flavor then it's all you can eat ice cream. The writing it has its moments where you might get a giggle or two but that's about it, goes all down hill after that falling into the same pattern of most cliche love manga plots.Those who love more classic art style that got you off when you were 13 but as an adult it might not satisfy that unless you like that nostalgia.The protag of course is insecure, jealous and when the love interest practically is throwing himself at her. She pulls the mopey sad routine seeking validation and when he gives her it OF COURSE she doesn't believe so he's like I shit you not something like “JK LOL forgot I said it”. She then gets mad at him, crying and then they have make up sex like no big deal everything is Gucci.Which of course the sex is like omg nooo don't touch me there that's my no no square!!! and male love interest is like Imma touch it anyways!
gerald2019 Rating
Hahahaha read this because if TVKat's review made me cry laughing and I gotta say 10/10 it's totally spot on!!! I cracked up the entire time reading the first chapter thinking about that review and laser sword is totally right on lmao. If u wanna laugh, read their review and Chuck the 2 bucks if not this is definitely a skip lmaoThanks TVkat for the laughs!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is pretty cute and a fun read. That one reviewer had me busting a gut so I had to read this even tho they didn't seem to be a big fan. All I have to say is that there is the usual back and forth between the characters about their sincerity and so on. I like the art. It's like typical shoujo. It moves super quick and that ending is like wha??? He's in love wit u and you say I'm sorry? I'm gonna take the bait obviously and check out the next chapter, but I'm hoping this doesn't go on for 20 chapters
Salz89 Rating
Wow that escalated quickly and in a weird way bing bang bong like what just happened.
boarhandles Rating
I actually don't think this story is bad. First of all, the art is totally gorgeous. Also, the characters are clearly written to be a little goofy so I don't think it's wild that some people think the story is dumb?but I don't really think so. I think the girl's complex about her height seems genuine and realistic and the guy is an actual dork about loving “cute” fluffy small things. The way they start dating seems fairly natural too (although holy shit they had sex way too quickly). Seeing as they both are self conscious about their characteristics, it also makes sense that their relationship would have a rocky start with trust issues. I think this is worth the coins! My only criticism is that a girl that small could never find a dick like that pleasurable at its full length?at least not the first few times. The author clearly doesn't understand a woman's body, like no woman loves a giant donkey dick, it hits the vaginal canal in all the wrong places. Whatever.
TrinaCasey Rating
How to describe this Manga? Cotton candy + vanilla pudding+ ice cream and top it off with 3 pounds of sugar. It's sickly sweet and unrealistic. Nobody seems to have a brain here and everything goes wrong.It's not BAD, but wait for a sale, it's not worth the points.
Shouta987 Rating
I don't know what the bad reviews are yapping about but I, for one, thought it is a good & kind of silly silly start. I think it's worth a shot & the money!
Yahiko03 Rating
What the heck did I just read?!! No, I'm good
Bunnione Rating
I love it, great first chapter! I can't wait to see what the writer has in store next.
DHime86 Rating
So after the last chapter, I'm w/ the second male lead. First male lead is being super petty and triggering mc's anxiety which is NOT ok. So yeah. Dump the jerk and go for the guy who will treat you better. At the very least maybe the ml will see how badly he screwed up. Cute series until this dumb latest chapter. Now I'm just annoyed.
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