User Reviews For: Cross-Dresser Therapy -Make Me a Shameless Bottom-


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Habu Rating
It's hard to find a BL with both a wholesome healthy relationship and tons of smut but this manages to hit both in a very cute way! The art is also amazing and I love how you can tell a lot of love went into these characters.
hisOkaBungeecum44 Rating
I really love these kind of manga to read for fun, I usually end up reading these in a day or two! It's so entertaining and I love that it's about a cross dressing place since that is one of the things I like. The art style is really nice and I love it! If anyone is looking for a yaoiManga about cross dressing I think this will be a good one for you! :))
blackmilktea Rating
Soooo steamy, yet surprisingly cute and wholesome; their relationship is too sweet for words!!! Not to mention how gorgeous the art is. Definitely worth a read ^^
Mizuiko Rating
I reeaally liked the manga?i read the first three in a row, after i was done with the third i thought it was over but i got so excited when i was shown the fourht part.each are a bit short ,but i am just used to reading loooonnng stories.i still recomment itand it is good for people who doesn't really like to see a mans *ahem* part down there
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