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LetMeIn Rating
I usually never write these before all the chapters are out, but I'm making an exeption after the first chapter. I LIKE THIS. Psychic abilities? Check! A good kid with a too sheltered life? Check! A school-skipping delinquent who has some drama in the family(?) and is kind? Check! I think the personalities of the two match perfectly, this will be a cute read!! Sign me up!
ebookrenta0n62c6m5g Rating
Omg it's so cute !!!!! I'm looking forward to this !!!!!
fandomnightmare Rating
This has no right to be as good as it is, it's seriously well done! The characterization? Well fleshed out. The plot? It actually has one! The supernatural powers? Actually interesting and well thought out. A delinquent and an autistic psychic who both desperately needed to be treated like they were worth something... Look, I expected to only buy one chapter of this and then never touch it again. Instead, I ended up buying coins so I could get the whole thing. I NEVER do that! Seriously, give this one a chance. You won't regret it.
Shirani Rating
Three chapters in and this is one of the cutest yaoi manga I've read. The two main leads have amazing chemistry, and it's so nice to watch them find comfort and understanding in each other when they used to feel alone and defeated. They feel natural together, and that's always a pleasant surprise.
Georgie Rating
Super cute, the characters are 3 dimensional and the story is interesting. It's a light read but well written, sad I ran out of chapters!
Cram Rating
This one is definitivly on the sweet side. Very cute.
mokichei Rating
Beautiful art and the story is so good, kinda fun to read BL that the chara has power, I really enjoyed this manga, I hope there are more interesting BL manga like this (人 ?▽? ) ?
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