User Reviews For: Oh My Hero! [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Daekin Rating
I enjoyed reading this. The main story is really cute and I'd love to read another volume with them. The kid's really cute too. I also like the snippet of story for the second couple, but feel like it wasn't a large enough snippet. I'd love to read more about them!
moon Rating
Cute and heartwarming! Really love the simple premise of strangers becoming family
HorseObsessed Rating
The story was ok, I didn't buy it though. I liked the 2nd story better, but not enough to keep it :(
elwag47 Rating
This is such a sweet and charming story! I wish there was more!
Agumon71 Rating
The main couple is soo cute!! The artwork is also adorable. This was a really fun, fluffy, heartwarming read.
GregorIAN Rating
Lacks completion - parts of two romances and that's about it. You get a sense where one might end up but never any 'affirmation' if you know what I mean.
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