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animepie Rating
One chapter in and I'm finding Noah so absolutely precious and adorable and I am also shamelessly anticipating for him to be utterly debauched (with all affection) by Haruyuki. I'd like to learn more about their backstory and relationship more in future chapters but I am perfectly fine with it be smutty. Absolutely perfectly fine with that. Lol
pumpkin Rating
So…yes the art is very cute and the story is ok but I dunno, Haruyuki is giving me a couple red flags here, I'm sure their trying to come off as sweet but to me it seems more creepy than romantic…Ok so there's worse stories and characters out there and Noah does love Haruyuki but…spoiler he's been keeping an eye on him for years! QAQ Originally I was going to give this four stars for the art alone but Haruyuki and certain points of this plot rubbed me the wrong way…sorry but I can't see myself giving it those two more stars, it's down to preference really, if this is your kind of story then I'm happy for you but just not for me
garnetCROW Rating
OMG for Chapter 4! The story behind Haruyuki and how he meets cute little Noah. He is sooooo obsessed. (Loved the X'd out calendar pages on the last page. That's how much love he has for Noah!)
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