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babafi Rating
While I usually dislike the "straight until I met you" trope, this series is just cute and funny enough to get past it. The art is solid, pacing is good, and expressions are top notch. Glad I got it on a whim.
vicwalker Rating
This one is so sweet and cute! The art is really good, both of them are handsome and cute so many times. It's a light and fun read.
carrots Rating
I'd give it a 3.5 stars for me. Though the premise of a character cooking and baking for another character is a trope I adore, and it can be very endearing at times in this manga. But the forcefulness of the brown haired character gives me bad vibes, plus the other creepy student who sexually harasses the professor without repercussions is... Ergh to say the least.
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