User Reviews For: If You Speak with That Sweet Voice, I Swear I'll... -A Delusional Girl and a Young, Hopeless Romantic Delinquent-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yes!!!!! I live for delinquent but sweetheart types!!!! And Eiji is so cute!!!! Naho is a sweets connoisseur and had a brief encounter with Eiji two years prior and they meet again at the same convenience store. But this time it's to come to her rescue from some other scarier delinquents. Our little Naho seems to attract trouble. But I think Eiji is up for being her hero! More please.
Cressellia Rating
It bait and switched me! I thought there was going to be a cringy jump into sex and then it turned out to be her delusion! I applaud a story that turns tropes on their head like that.Anyway the art is a little rough but the main Lead's are really cute!
Bunnione Rating
Great start! Can't wait for what happens next!
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