User Reviews For: Do You Like Handsome Men?


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AinoKusabi Rating
If you're looking for something simple and nice to read, Do You Like Handsome Men will probably be up your alley. This story is a slow-burn romance with truly endearing characters--a total feel-good read with pretty art. I thoroughly enjoyed every page!
lacherrilola Rating
Such a fun read! Nao is absolutely adorbs ?
acedevorak Rating
I love this so much! The premise, how there's expectations and then how it diverts. The art is amazing! Ah what is there not to love?!
heyimsanni Rating
It's a cute and lighthearted read about two people eventually finding more purpose and meaning in their lives upon knowing each other. What started off as a convenience store employee x customer relationship grew into something much deeper than that. If you're in the mood for a straightforward fluffy read, then this is a good pick!
biggestrebel Rating
This was very cute! I really enjoyed the characters and their slow development. It was nice and refreshing!
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