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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cuuuute!!!! I live for sweet bl romances lol!!!! I love how Azusa wants Asahi to be completely gone for him in the most primal way but instead he gets treated with the upmost love and tenderness. He just wants to get it hard lol!!!! Silly. It's cute and sweet and has the right amount of story to smut.
yuudachi Rating
This one is suuuper good!! Two sweet guys in an established relationship! Perfect mix of fluff and spice. I feel like Azusa is very relatable hahaha
markrk Rating
so cute!!! I always worry that maybe there will be some non-consensual stuff in the comics I read, but none of that here! enjoy to your heart's content! ?
Lewvina Rating
Okay, So that was really adorable!
animepie Rating
Hahaha. That was absolutely adorable.
MaramAl Rating
Only one chapter but I like it so far. Very cute and the art is stunning.
wangxian Rating
Absolutely recommended! I love that they try to talk things out and be open even though it could be difficult. They're still young but they're working hard on their relationship, isn't that all that matters? ?
atnx Rating
So wholesome and sweet. They are so damn in love with each other their relationship literally makes me want to sob because it's just so pure ? they bring out the best qualities in each other and this was just such a good read!
SadAsian Rating
Super cute!!!
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