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nevermind Rating
Only the first chapter out, while it''s good and I'm looking forward to the next chapter, there really wasn't enough to this first one to make me a big fan. The male lead is a big ? so far and the female lead is just okay. Likable, but nothing that stands out so far. I hope the writer/creators don't drag things out just to have more material for a long series. I hate it when it takes forever for anything to actually happen because they want to produce as many comics as possible rather than tell a really good story with likable characters. So far there's potential, but I'm on the fence, I need at least one more chapter to decide if I'll continue or drop this series.
briw Rating
I really hope this series continues! The story is great so far! I'll be sad if it ends on this cliffhanger...
sidboo98 Rating
So good to read! I can't wait for more, it was really easy to follow and can't wait for more funny drama from the cute female lead. Still a bit confused at start but became clear after reading more into the story. ??
Hellzeldagirl Rating
I love this manga so far. The female lead strong-willed and loveable and look forward to see more of the male lead. I can't wait to see more of this story.
Vicious88 Rating
I like it well enough so far. First chapter is pretty standard as far as this kind of manga goes. I really want to see what kind of story it will develop into from here on.
Chammalia Rating
This flashback chapter was so sad but necessary for the progress of their relationship. I'm sure his true love is her.
BunnyUsagi Rating
It is very cute and exciting. Makes me want to know what happens next and who the new characters are.
baby3 Rating
Love her attitude!?
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