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nevermind Rating
Only the first chapter out, while it''s good and I'm looking forward to the next chapter, there really wasn't enough to this first one to make me a big fan. The male lead is a big ? so far and the female lead is just okay. Likable, but nothing that stands out so far. I hope the writer/creators don't drag things out just to have more material for a long series. I hate it when it takes forever for anything to actually happen because they want to produce as many comics as possible rather than tell a really good story with likable characters. So far there's potential, but I'm on the fence, I need at least one more chapter to decide if I'll continue or drop this series.
briw Rating
I really hope this series continues! The story is great so far! I'll be sad if it ends on this cliffhanger...
sidboo98 Rating
So good to read! I can't wait for more, it was really easy to follow and can't wait for more funny drama from the cute female lead. Still a bit confused at start but became clear after reading more into the story. ??
Hellzeldagirl Rating
I love this manga so far. The female lead strong-willed and loveable and look forward to see more of the male lead. I can't wait to see more of this story.
Vicious88 Rating
I like it well enough so far. First chapter is pretty standard as far as this kind of manga goes. I really want to see what kind of story it will develop into from here on.
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