User Reviews For: Careful, Or I'll Catch You! -The Wild Playboy's Doting Embrace-


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Mangarry Rating
It was cute. Short and sweet, if you're looking for a quick story with a knight in armor, so to speak, give this a read.
HorseObsessed Rating
I agree with the other 2 reviewers. This story is so cute! I Love this story alot! There are some questions I have about the ML. By the end of the story it seems like he quit his host job & became a house husband, did he? And did they get married? It seems like they got married. I hope that's the case. ;()
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute!!!! He's like her protector and she's completely oblivious lol!!! Very cute. Ends rather quickly so there's not a lot of build up. Very cute, low angst romance. He's not really much of a player either. It's just cute!!!
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