User Reviews For: Back-Alley Pussycat [Plus Digital-Only and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Daekin Rating
Good story, nice characters, steamy scenes, but I wanted more. More depth to the characters (why is Aya's mom so young???), more depth to the story, more in general of their story (I could totally read more of this)... Still, nice read.
shinayu Rating
I read the first 2 chapters and I'm already in love. So much smut, the drawing, the plot were all carried out smoothly and most importantly both seme and the uke were my cups of tea. Also, I did quick research after finished reading the manga...there's certainly more that could be brought out and I was right! There's already a chapter 6 (there're only 5 chapters on this volume) on Renta Japan, so for sure there's gonna be a volume 2! CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT TO COME OUT!!!! YISSSS
Mangareader Rating
Highly recommend if you're into something a little forceful but overall sweet. Even knowing the way the plot is going to go, the art really helps and there are some nice heart pounding moments. They don't talk about age much but Nazuku is probably 17-18 and I'm guessing Aya is a couple years older. I love watching characters change and evolve a bit and this does a good job of showing that with Aya.
ebookrenta0ksznr7up Rating
Honestly I loved the development I think most people will be uncomfortable with the beginning but it develops into something good ! :)
Achil Rating
I want to see more aya&nazuku being lovey-dovey as a couple. hope the author could release vol.2.
Easan Rating
Although it started out from good will from the uke and asking nothing in return. Pretty much a pushover which pushed my sadistic side of mine to see if he was ever going to stand up to the seme. So read it if he does? In the end I enjoy it.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I've been dragging my feet about purchasing this manga since it first came out. I was kinda put off by the way they meet and how Aya used Nazu for his own release using the whole I've been drugged reasoning. But this was currently on sale so I went for it because of all the good reviews. Imo it's just ok, not great. Lots and lots of sex. Which I like of course lol, but I also like character growth and plot development. There was a little bit to keep my attention but just barely. Kinda wish I rented this because I doubt I'll be rereading this one. One big positive is that Aya doesn't cheat on Nazu. Like ever. And they are pretty cute together.
Sophia Rating
The consent is blurry and the characters lack some depth to my taste.
Kiminyz Rating
Good enough
Babo Rating
I mean, it started out really weird but it's okay in the end... I just feel like it's missing something... Feel like there should be a second vol to dive deeper into their stories.
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