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Shouta987 Rating
I loved this story! The art isn't 100% but still very good. The story seems to veer one way before it goes another. Definitely won't the money & the 5-stars!
HorseObsessed Rating
The artwork is beautiful!!! I hope the Mangaka doesn't cut corners with it as the years go by, like the other Mangaka seem to do. The story is kind of cute, but it's slow. There's an attempt at intrigue with the stalker, Yuichi, but, I a little curious about how Sana (the FL) and Yuichi met & why he's stalking her. That could've been fleshed out a bit. And what was the conversation where Sana's sister told/showed Mitsuki/Hikari (the ML) Sana's picture? It's interesting enough to me to keep, but I probably won't read it very often. I advise, read it when there's nothing else to do/read. : I I do give 5 Stars for the artwork! :()
Nyanko Rating
While there are some things I quite liked about the female lead and the overall directness of the characters (far less simpering than most), the story has been told better many, many times. There are also some substantial issues with the plot, which is itself incredibly two-dimensional. The story rushes along in the vein of “...blah blah blah and here we are” and despite the extra pages it's phenomenally empty. The male lead is simply uninteresting. In fact, I found the complaints in-story about how wooden he is as an actor to be the best laugh, given that I'd say he's one of the most wooden characters I've ever read. Ever. If that's the intent then it's stellar writing, because I could practically hear his dialog in monotone. In the end, I gave it the second star for decent art and because I liked the female lead. I'd skip or rent only. It's not worth the price.
MangoFlavor Rating
The art style is nice and this is definitely a whirlwind romance! Unfortunately, this one just seemed rushed and their interactions seemed unnatural. Not one of my favorites but if you are into sexy scenes there are plenty! 2 stars for art, 1 star for H. Glad I rented as I would not read this one again.
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