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TomatoKah91 Rating
This is just an explosion of cuteness! It's fluffy, heartwarming, and both boys are adorably pure. Cute, cute, CUUUUUUTTEE!!!
SigridTorren Rating
Absolutely adorable and wholesome story! The story went by quite fast but its still good. I appreciate how both characters communicate well with one another and are earnest to make it clear that they love each other.
MioAkiyama Rating
Amazing short story featuring Kino and Yano.Inital start of a misunderstanding due to the seating arrangements, was then cleared up quickly.Both parties like each other and was open to show this publicly to their schoolmates.It's a comfortable and fluff read. Do give this a shot to anyone that's hesitating to purchase.
greenwitchcat Rating
It was cute and fluffy. Pacing is a bit fast but it was still sweet.
RikasGrayWolf Rating
This is The Most Adorable Story EVER. Why are they so cute?! The ending was hella cheesy and precious. Love this series to bits
AmiBurn Rating
Very cute!!
vicwalker Rating
One of the sweetest BL I have ever read! The two of them are just so cute, and even cuter when they are together. The art is beautiful too.It's a great option for those who like cute couples and sweet young love.
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