User Reviews For: Do Black Cats Dream of Wolf Princes?


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0hRa30h Rating
Aoi is so adorable, honest and pure I can't help but feel giddy along with him when he first came face to face with Yukio. Now I can't wait to see what happens next. Aoi getting drugged just so they can continue with their work made me wanna strangle that guy, but Prince Charming came to the rescue, so all's well that ends well.
belovedless Rating
I guess this story make work for some, but in all, I did not enjoy this. The porn industry setting serves no purpose except to set up for a first encounter and jealousy points that really could've been tweaked to take place anywhere else. The main characters are a bit selfish, and the uke acts so immaturely that I can't really get on his side with any of his choices. It's like fluff with a mix of non-con bait and child-like stalking.
Yayay23 Rating
Good so far waiting for last 2 chapters
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Absolutely adorable!!! Can't wait for more episodes!
vicwalker Rating
The story isn't deep, and the main character (uke) has some naive ideals. At the beginning almost have non-con with drugs, so it can make some people uncomfortable or be triggering, but it doesn't happen!! If you like boys with dog and cat ears, handsome seme and cute uke, but don't mind just a little slow burn from the seme and nothing deep, it's a good read.
msscotchnut Rating
The art in this is gorgeous!!! The story is cute and easy to follow and the characters are likable and interesting :) I love that they kind of subvert expectations too! I really enjoyed this, definitely recommend :)
oreopanda Rating
Omg this is so cute
aliceanimelover Rating
It wasn't great but it wasn't that bad either. I mostly enjoyed the cliche story, so 5/5!
surita Rating
So sweet love story, great Art style, the character are so cute and I enjoyed reading it so much.
SpikeKitten Rating
These two are such a cute couple. The beginning was a little sketch, but it's really cute.
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