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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Wow!!!! If only all encounters with cute strangers led to incredible chemistry lol. I love that they have to use other means to communicate and yet they shared an incredible day together. Is he a k-pop idol in the country to perform? Where's his buddies? Best cliffhanger ever!!! The art is gorgeous. Seriously these two are too beautiful for me.
Powermanga Rating
It is a incredible short stories, but the plot are so good and you want more! Each stories are really good and sweet but kinda little bit sad because they're all one night stands, there's no real happy ending cause the couples go their separate ways. 1st and 5th story are my favorite! I just found out that 1st story have a sequel to it (it is continue the 1st story where they meet again after 1 or 2 years) and I hope ebookrenta would pick it up and translate to us! Sequel called "Even if I wake up from my dream, I'll be by my side" "夢から覚めてもそばにいて" same author Ruka Kirato. Looking forward more chapters gonna release on this manga!
MariaManoli Rating
Chapter 1 out only, but what a fantastic start. The artwork is gorgeous, the smut scenes are wonderfully rendered. It's refreshing to see two consenting adults enjoying sex together. I find the trope of female characters constantly saying "no" and "don't" when they are pleasured by the partner of their choice very annoying. It always feels as of they need to feel guilty instead of showing genuine enjoyment. I hope this series will continue as strongly as it started.
audlew270 Rating
One of the best on this site. Love the art and I love all the couples.
ZebraQueen Rating
I love these stories, because yes, there is some story to each one. I haven't needed to fan myself like this in a while, I wish all encounters with sexy strangers ended like this.
shuhua66 Rating
Enjoy and happy
MzDeeDee Rating
I just have to give this 5 star cuz it's too good. The encounters of each story is so sizzling. I hope this becomes a verticomix. The characters are so cute and and lustful with a slow pace to warm up to climax. I can't wait for the next one to come out.
DiamondPearl Rating
5/5 for this one, can't wait for the next chapter! The consent in this one is refreshing. You can see the respect the ML and FL have for each other and flourish with the romance.
rangerbagel Rating
Very well done and promising. Love the consent! Sweet and steamy. More please!
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