User Reviews For: Please Kiss Me, Scaredy-Cat!


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biggestrebel Rating
This was an anthology of stories and I really enjoyed them for the most part!The title couple were really cute! Lots of clichés but none bad! Give it a read! It's really worth it !
Sprikles Rating
Well I would have rather given it 3.5 stars but you can't. I'm disappointed I spent my money on this one. The description is only for the first couple and their store is really short. Wish the whole book was the first couple, but the other couples were cute too so it's not too bad.
KingOfK3arts Rating
I don't have much to say about this one. I just didn't really like it. For me I was very boring and none of the characters made me wanna root for them. There's some questionable consent which I'm not a fan of. Also this is an anthology with 4-5 couples so if you wanna rent/buy based on the description then I would skip it. I loved the art style it was just a pretty mediocre manga. Also if you're looking for smut scenes avoid this manga. There are s*x scenes but none of them are hot or above a PG rating. I would say rent at your own risk and for me it is for sure going to be a rent only situation.
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