User Reviews For: The Fickle Owner and His Uninvited Cat [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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mushrooms Rating
Rented first to try out and I liked it so much I ended up upgrading. I'm a sucker for weird couples, and what's weirder than an adult man pretending to be a cat? I like their relationship dynamic and the exploration of different kinds of "loneliness". Overall it was just a sweet story and I recommend people at least read it once.
KingOfK3arts Rating
This manga was amazing. The art style was familiar yet unique at the same time and while the plot seemed a little out there but the two leads grounded it perfectly. It's virtually perfect, the characters are like able and seem to fit perfectly together. I enjoyed how the bottom seemed to have a looser sexuality (he seemed Pam sexual or bisexual). I like it being I think it's powerful to just love people for their personality and chemistry rather than their gender. I also like how the third act fight of the leads was realistic and based on a misunderstanding. The ONLY thing I would critique is the smut scenes were a little too PG for me. But that is a personal preference and the story overwhelmingly makes up for that minor fact. In addition to the fact that everything was consensual which I enjoy seeing in a BL manga. So I would recommend definitely renting this manga and buying it as well. 100% worth the points spent.
HorseObsessed Rating
This story is so cute!! & so funny! I upgraded immediately! The artwork is good (the cat is so cute!!) Get this one!
Nashi4eva Rating
I thought this was going to be weird ? but it was Amazing ? ?
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