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animepie Rating
Omfg. I'm actually crying right now. They're absolutely adorable. God. Seiji is an absolute cutie. I don't blame Haruki one bit for falling for him. That panel for panel in chapter 1 showing Haruki reaching his limit towards Seiji's cuteness was pure art. I can't wait for the next chapter. I just really love manga with food and cute boys.
meyla9979 Rating
This has so far been a light-hearted feel good story. The whole "how society may view their romance" issue has not really been touched on - and for this type of story I hope they don't dwell on it too much. I like that the focus is on realizing how they feel for each other and that the feeling being between 2 men is not even considered... yet. Making this a story of 2 people falling in love - regardless of gender.
nomi Rating
Love the art and the story seems interesting and cute. Can't wait to see more!
misoshoujo Rating
So short but so good!!! I look forward to reading more of sensei's work!
OzawaShuri Rating
It's not really a bad to read, like I like their dynamic but god the blondie needs to learn about consent!!
hanandduke Rating
Looks promising also funny lol
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