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KingOfK3arts Rating
I wish there was a rent function for this manga. The art was beautiful but the the plot/characters were just ok. I really don't have too strong of feelings for this manga one way or the other. Everything was consensual which was good but the characters weren't too compelling. This manga only had one smut scene and it wasn't that great and I wouldn't say their relationship is too fluffy or cute so I don't really know who this is for. Overall, if you have an excess of points you might want to read it once or twice but if you're saving points for some amazing BLs I would personally skip this one.
kittywitty Rating
I've loved Haruta's work so far, and this one doesn't disappoint, either! Riku is pushy without going too far and the whole story is pretty cute. As always, Haruta's artwork is amazing! If you want something that gets to the steamy scenes quickly, this might not be for you, but I think it's worth the wait.
shelle Rating
Slight change on the art style, different story set up, and a different theme from the author's other works. The writing and dialoges were okay, the characters weren't as engaging as I hoped, because I didn't feel as connected with either parties problems/emotions. It had a bit of missed opportunities here and there to improve the story. So when our couple had sex the build up to it felt as if it the author's writing fell half-way through and missed its original goal of being super meaningful moment to our characters.