User Reviews For: Sweet Immorality [Plus Bonus Page]


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MioAkiyama Rating
1) 1st story was simply sweet. alcoholic MC gets horny each time he gets drunk and decide to do it with a new guy at school, sweet simple story that got the best ending out of it.2) Dear MC gets dumped each time and every time he has a girlfriend due to his kink. ( No spoilers ) his good friend just so happen to have been crushing on him since the first time they became fast friends. Both stories are simple short and sweet. Fills your fluffy meters up easily!! 10/10!
ChattyK2125 Rating
I really liked this story especially this last one about Itsuki and his needs for choking. Which as it goes along with Shun he realizes that he doesn't need to be choked because he is getting that feeling alot. That feeling was love. I felt bad because he might not have recognized that with the loss of his Mom and his Dad sick. There was a bit of a love story developing on the last one. I gotta say it was worth the full amount I paid for it.
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