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animepie Rating
So far, so good if you like age gaps and an MC like Kuze who shoves his foot in his own mouth and gets himself into these situations. Lol. Motoaki is also much sweeter than I expected him to be and I'm pleasantly surprised. Kuze is a hilariously bad adult and I'm all here for what kind of situation he'll get himself into next in regards to his budding “relationship” with Motoaki.
Atlasy Rating
I love it so much! It's cute, hot, funny, and a degree of wholesome with the way the friends interact with the two main characters that I love this one so much. And the art is beautiful! I recommend if you're looking for something sweet and hot with a sprinkling of comedy. It's not smut heavy imo so if you want that, just be prepared to not see a ton here. The racy scenes that do happen though? They're gorgeous.
Arision Rating
This looks to be a fun romp, with the older partner constantly getting himself into trouble. Looking forward to more chapters!
AngyeJey Rating
Loved it.
Yaohboy Rating
So cute and spicy. Wished there was one more volume.
amyleunclever Rating
So cute!
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