User Reviews For: The Wicked Prince and The Helpless Pup


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Chiara692005 Rating
For me, one of the best manga I've read so far on Renta. The two MC are so sweet in the development of the story, I am not adding more details on the plot developement in order to avoid spoilers. For me 5 stars !
ChattyK2125 Rating
I am going to read it all over again! Love the ending!
puppy445 Rating
This is very good especially if you want to read something exciting?
MioAkiyama Rating
Oh what an amazing ride of emotions! Childhood friends to rivals and then to lovers. It took them so long to finally realize the emotions they have for each other. definitely one of those really nice reads if you love childhood tropes!
alienxxi Rating
Bestfriend to enemies to lovers. Lots of dub con content between two ex-bestfriends when the ML found out that his popular enemy has a gay sex cd hidden in his room.
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