User Reviews For: A God's Beloved Falcon


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Nicwatson Rating
I came for the four arms, but stayed for the third eye!
KingOfK3arts Rating
I loved it. Possible TW for non con it was a little on the border but I felt that everything was consented. It was fluffy and smutty at the same time. And it's a BL fantasy done well. *chefs kiss*
Spiceylynne Rating
It's so freaking cute! The story has a fast pace and the main character is super accepting of all the craziness of their situation, while the god is just so in love with him. They are precious and I can't wait to see what happens next!
thal707 Rating
Okay the art is just *chef's kiss* Fantasy themed BLs are always a treat. The first chapter was really good, can't wait to read the next chapters. Also as another person commented here, there is slight dubcon but it's not as bad as others that I've read on renta c:
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