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animepie Rating
Guy just wants to be eaten and we love us a freak! Lol I have absolutely no idea where this is going but I'm currently very amused by this progression. A high school who likes to eat and a chef who likes to feed people, then gets jealous of that food. The potential for this to be both wholesome and kinky is real.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
Super hot and enjoyable, it has obvious BDSM undertones for those of you interested in that (I know I am!). The characters are both likeable and the character's fetish is extremely interesting, I don't think I've ever seen a story with this kind of fetish which makes it very unique. There are plenty of hot and lewd situations, so it's absolutely worth a read!
Ray1ofSun Rating
This was so sweet and heart warming ?
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Both guys have crazy quirks. One loves eating and one has Odaxelagnia. It gets strange at times, but it is honestly cute so far. The kids love for meat is so adorable too!
CrzyCloud26 Rating
A guy with a weird fetish and a high schooler who might as well be a dog. What else was I expecting with this title? There's something about this mangaka's work that makes the fetish the central link of the couple. Not sure how I feel about this one though. Need more chapters to have a complete opinion.
Ashurichan Rating
I LOVED THIS! It's so hot and funnily enough makes me hungry during the smutty scenes. If i have one issue it's with the final smutty scene. After all the foreplay and build-up it's super short and rather unsatisfying. If there is an extra where Eiji properly devours Aki I want to read it!
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
I love this! I can't wait for more! These two are innocent freaks and this feel like it will get real kinky. I love a good fetish. There is also an age gap.This is everything I like.
Kiris Rating
This story takes a kink, finds a perfectly sweet partner, and makes it into the most delicious romance dish!
Ejtrucker Rating
Very good. Love it??
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