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Cyboarga Rating
I really loved it, so many feels! It's heartwarming and it's got character development. The main character started out kinda selfish & immature, but his heart was in the right place in the end. Don't want to spoil it too much for future readers. 4 stars only because the first chapter is focused on & told from the perspective of a character that I got attached to but who ended up having very little "screen time". So I ended up wanting to know his story too. Hoped until the end that he would get another full chapter, but sadly only one extra featured him.
DWCorvid Rating
I absolutely loved this title and I'm so happy I purchased it permanently rather than renting. It's definitely a mature story that develops carefully over the five chapters contained within. I really enjoy the fact that the conflict and angst came from the uncertainty we all feel as we grow up And try to find ourselves. It wasn't heavy-handed or full of too many tropes and I genuinely liked all of the characters. It's a little bittersweet at times but everything works out well in the end.
jingleclove Rating
I really loved this one! Heartfelt and more of a slow-burn romance with a focus on Riku's growth as a person once he's reached the fork in his life. The focus of the story isn't Shou, which is what the preview makes it to be, it's actually Riku. You see him in his teenage years, and then the story is mainly in his early adulthood. You see his internal struggles and awkwardness the more you get into it, but you also end up seeing personal growth once Shun is in the picture. I was pleasantly suprised with that addition, because you expect him to just be a side character who helped Shou once, but he also ends up helping Riku in an unexpected way. I genuinely enjoyed this one because romance wasn't used as the focal point, it just came naturally as the story progressed. This one was more about rebuilding lost connections with others, and finding reason within life again. I'd highly recommend it if you want to see a character grow and fix their past mistakes to become a better person.
funbrillo Rating
I am giving this 5 stars for how cute it is. Also, it did surprise me in who the couple ended up being. I thought it would be the two kids who become friends that we meet in the first chapter but it was not. It was slow moving and I think realistic in some of the issues the MC runs into over the years. Also, his other half turns out to be adorable and airheaded. I really enjoyed it.
69fujoshi69 Rating
Recommend.Unexpected pairing. Good art. Soft romance. Light and relatable conflict.About a boy that is uncertain about adulthood, and learns about friendship and develops a romance along the way.This one is a rarity among single-volumed manga.
Babo Rating
I read through 1/3 of the story without knowing whos pairing with whom lol
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