User Reviews For: My Dashing Delivery Driver [Plus Bonus Page and Digital and Renta!-Only Bonus Page]


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Neko13 Rating
Taller & buff uke with consent!! The artstyle is beautiful, and the story may seem basic but it's amazing!
SadAsian Rating
Super cute! Wish there was more!
mikeee Rating
A-freaking-mazing. They seem so casual, no heart- wrenching drama, just fun and comedic. I could read 10 volumes of them just fuckin
bluerabu Rating
This was so sweet and organic. The leads are so different and the LI is more unpredictable than I thought. We love slow burn romance with consent and communication before sex.
LadyLavellan Rating
I came for the art but I stayed for the story!! I'm so sad it's not an ongoing series. The couple's romance is well paced and nothing feels forced or superficial. Also, I wasn't expecting the dialogue to be so funny??? Lmao I was cracking up multiple times! The sex scenes are very spicy and the uke is so damn sexy!!! Definitely recommend this story!
hanaruen Rating
Oh to be a top of this beautiful, muscular man. Wish there's more chapters or a sequel because i fee like there's more room for their relationship, nonetheless it is a cute story
princetheripper Rating
I love it! The art is such a feast for eyes!
Xbabygirlx Rating
It is a really cute story and totally worth the read.
Sapphicchu Rating
I literally loved this so much omg
wascallywabbit12 Rating
Loved it! The art was great, cute story, fun characters!
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