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Bunnione Rating
Hehe excited for more!
boarhandles Rating
I actually am not sure why people aren't raving over this manga. The story arc is not new, but the feelings of the characters seem really genuine and the writing has good pacing and humor. And best of all, the manga is hot and exhilarating. The smut actually moves slower than you'd think, but every interaction is incredibly sexy. The childhood friend is so adorable and sweet, and the female heroine is naturally shy, so it is fun to see him fawn all over her. Then when they switch into dirty mode, it gets more exciting, to have that juxtaposition. The art is very good, and I'm enjoying the story so I'll definitely keep following along!
Bibimap Rating
That escalated quickly o_o
ChiiMotosua Rating
I don't know why anyone wouldn't give this five stars. I loved it. Sure, it happened a bit fast, but given the situation, it didn't bother me. I was curious about why he dated when he was so in love with the MC, and I wish there was a side story where they meet his ex again now that his hair is short. That would have been fun. But yeah, a good one, and spicy to boot.
teria1835 Rating
Really fun and cute read. Loved the characters and their developed personalities.Wanted more for the ending and a resolution to the hero's feelings for the heroine. Also, I wanted his hair to stay long! So handsome and beautiful
Rieuna Rating
I'm on chapter 4. The art is good and it had a good beginning, but the conflict is forced and makes the MC a bit brainless.
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