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sedamentary Rating
Review based on chapter 1. It's everything I could have ever dreamed of for a gay Youtuber AU! I'm a YouTuber so already some of the stuff isn't 100% accurate? But it's close enough that it doesn't really bug me and anyone who isn't actually a Youtuber won't notice! The chemistry is really great and the characters seem like a lot of fun! I'm so excited to see where this goes! I've been looking for a story like this for a while!! ?
vicwalker Rating
This review is based only on the first chapter. So far so good, it's interesting, fake relationships turning real is one of my favorites prompts. The art is really good. Of course, since I read only one chapter, the relations between characters (not only the two main) are still not that much developed. I don't know how it'll go, but I'll read the rest. I liked so much the main characters' dynamic!
belovedless Rating
I was really hopeful about this one. The idea behind it is awesome. What a fun setup! However, the storyline was really choppy and felt rushed at times. I also did not enjoy the ending, which also felt like they went from zero to 100 way too fast. It's a fluffy-ish, light read that offers a few chuckles.
pandaquit Rating
Omgoshhh It was so cute! I really like both characters, they were so adorable and I loved their interactions, they have a kagehina-like atmosphere.. I really like their friend too, he was so nice and supportive! Art is adorable as well. And I specially enjoyed the last chapter, it kept me smiling from page 1 to last! It's a must read!!!
SadAsian Rating
amuutau Rating
It was so sweet ~ and i love their supporting friend ~
Frankie2776 Rating
So fluffy! Well worth reading till the end!
hadynquartets Rating
I love them ah
kyokobaby Rating
well the final chapter just came out and I have already reread it all :3 it has perfect balance of funny and sweet! I really enjoyed how naturally natsuo came to the realization that he had feelings for ichiya and how goofy the series was without being too far out there.
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