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alienxxi Rating
I would like to see more of this! I had fun reading this. A boy wondering how good an*l s*x could be and found someone in his school to discover how was it. All circumstances were ideal, even his friends do not find it weird. ?
dirtyangeltoes Rating
The characters suffer from a little bit of 'same face' and it can be a little hard to tell who's who at times, but other than that the plot is extremely hot and this is a fun read. The main uke has no qualms about what he wants, and it's a breathe of fresh air.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Omg! Boys make me cry lol!!! These two are just two big horn balls!!! Lol!!! Umm, not sure there's anything really going on here, but it's funny and slightly cringe inducing because it's not always funny. It's interesting though and I'm really curious to get the other guys POV and what's going to happen with them, since Aoi seems to always be with girls??? Have to wait and see.
zw9500 Rating
Sweet, funny, 100% consensual. I hope we get a spin-off with Shuu, Rio and Ito!
KusottareShonen Rating
This is amazing, if a little unbelievable. We seem to have a bisexual love interest, a homocurious main character and the sex is consensual, cute and hot. None of the awful BL tropes (dubious consent, highly heteronormative top/bottom roles, etc) have surfaced so far and the MC is open about being gay and none of the characters are homophobic at all. A brilliant read that I'm looking forward to seeing more of!
baristachan Rating
If you're anything like me, sometimes you just want to sit down with a BL with steamy scenes and a silly story. If that sounds like you, then this is a great fit. A nice mix of fun and sexy times, doesn't take itself too seriously, and got plenty of chuckles out of me too. Highly recommend if you like a healthy dose of laughs with your yaoi.
CrzyCloud26 Rating
This is a really cute story! Some non-con as well.The thing I had a difficult time with was that the characters didn't have a lot of differentiating features. I couldn't always figure out who was speaking or which was which.
SadAsian Rating
Main couple is super cute but I want to see more of the friends together
aliceanimelover Rating
The seme is a heartless playboy, so nothing great about him. On the plus side, I love consensual and open mindedness in this story. I like the exploration and that the main pair got down to exactly what they want from each other. Of course, this makes the story a little anticlimactic, but it was a cute read overall. The side pairings were your stereotypical forceful type, so nothing too amazing about them. I was hoping I get the mini jealous part too, but I guess a small show of possessiveness works. Honestly, it fits a 4/5 star, but because this has consent (which is so rare in yaoi) it deserves a 5 star even though there is no character development, it's plotless, and some of the characters have "same face syndrome" art style.
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