User Reviews For: Miss Huge Rack and Her Coworker, Mr. Well-Endowed -Getting It On At The Office-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hehehehe!!! Now I want Ryo's backstory. This is good!! We have a frustrated Hotaru that pretty much keeps to herself. No one knows that she has a huge appetite for smexy times despite never going all the way before. She kinda has a crush on one her most popular coworkers Ryo. Despite his appeal he's been hiding something too. Can these two be more??? Arts good. Storyline is promising. Next chapter please!
Ricelily Rating
Spicy, spicy, spicy! The story is really endearing and refreshing. It's nice that the love interest isn't some pushy horn dog blackmailing the protag into sexual enslavement. Consent is incredibly sexy and this story does it right. Thank you for the meal!
SweetBeans Rating
I can't tell if this is the best or worst titled series on this site. Either way, cute and spicy! The inclusion of toys is a big plus.
boarhandles Rating
Wow. This is very hot, between two consenting and horny adults who find each other to be a great match. The art is so good and Ryo's dirty talk is *chef's kiss* making even me tremble haha. I'm so excited to see what happens next. I love that they can be so sexy while still being respectful to each other.
blueninja Rating
I love how cute this story is, the characters are adorable but its got some steamy parts. It's a good read and I want more!
We2come123 Rating
This Series is hot, hot and hotter! If you love office romances this is definitely in my top 50. You get the excitement of forbidden fruit being tasted and masculine dominance all wrapped up with a silky sexy bow. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to switch places with the woman character!
NaeNeko Rating
Bought every chapter so far, did not regret it :D I legit cannot wait to read more about those two. This story is hilarious! And I love the FL, which is quite rare in my case. As for the ML, lmao. I love both of them so much! This is one of the best mangas here on the site, definitely recommend it!
andiekae Rating
I honestly wasn't sure if this was just going to be like corny porn or what, but it's quickly become one of my favorites. It has elements of your standards “friends with benefits we shouldn't catch feelings” plot, but somehow manages to not feel too cliche. I love that we get to see both of them struggling with their feelings, when most of these plots are one-sided. I can't wait for the rest!!!
animepie Rating
Omg. Yaassss. So far so deliciously good. The two leads are mutually and consensually horny for each other and like the synopsis says, their sexual chemistry is phenomenal. The daily life aspects are cute and hilarious. But when the sexy scenes happen, it's so hot. And the use of toys is just A+.
susanbd21 Rating
Bless this writer. This is great! And yes, button downs were not meant for girls with big boobs. The only disconnect is that playing with herself made her more sensitive?
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