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makmaklala Rating
Now when I say I never write reviews on here, I mean NEVER. And I've read all the super popular ones on here, so I've been around the block.But holy heck, please rent this! This was exactly what I hoped it would be and better! I want people to read this so bad, so read it-read it-read it!! I am VERY keen to see how this plays out!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!!! Yes!!!! All of the five star reviews are spot on!!! It's cute!! Funny!! Moves along very quickly and you don't want to miss a beat. Even though it moves quickly it seems like their romance will be a slow burn and I'm A.O.K. with that!I love how earnest Takeru is about his feelings for Leo are. He wants all in!! But Leo isn't sure. But a man's word is his bond, so ya know. But after reading chapter 2 I'm curious about where this is headed. Next chapter please!!!
MadamMuffins Rating
WHY is this the most adorable, sweet, fist-flying fantastic comic I've read yet?!
Mona Rating
OMGGG THIS IS GOOLLDD!!I really love how the art style and the vibe are like shounen manga but the genre is BL <3 The characters are cute too! And their dynamic as a couple I bet it's gonna be insanely good,cute, sweet, and heartwarming <33 can't wait for the next chapter!!! AND I'M REALLY RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO BUY AND READ THIS!! DONT MISS THE GEMS PLS
animepie Rating
Thank you, other reviewers! The title did not catch my eye at first so I was about to skip it but I read the reviews and bought it anyways. This is an absolute gem. It was all I could ask for in a school delinquent comedy romance. It has a nice amount of cute, funny, and fights. Lol. It's such a light, fun, easy read. I'm enjoying it so far.
reyji Rating
I absolutely love this manga!! I can't wait to see it completed :) The art is polished and cute, the characters are funny and have cute little quirks that make them endearing, and the plot is loose and fun, but still present and interesting. Not PWP. It's a lovely build up of the protag getting to know his love interest, and the love interest working hard to be acknowledged and loved. The gap moe for both characters is very real and I love it!!
CatPajamas Rating
Oh I love it.
SadAsian Rating
heyitsfranklyn Rating
I really love Hirotos work. This was so cute. The artwork was awesome, too.
corgi13 Rating
This one is super cute and quite sweet! I could have used a little more heat ;), but I quite liked this one and will reread it sometimes.
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